Consulting support for Human Resources, Learning and Development and Organisational Development colleagues

In-house experts sometimes need just a little outside help to be able to offer great internal support on a challenging change project. This support could be as part of a wider programme; to add that extra something to an in-house training event or change programme; or as a session at your in-house conference. Or maybe you need to pick an expert's brain for an hour to help you design or road-test your strengths based or Appreciative Inquiry intervention. Perhaps you need an expert voice to back you up in a pitch to internal commissioners. Maybe you're looking to develop your skills as a manager and are looking for some remote coaching sessions in managing positively and appreciatively. What you need is a fixed price to bring in a renowned practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology change techniques like Sarah Lewis - author of Positive Psychology At Work, Appreciative Inquiry For Change Management and now also Positive Psychology And Change. We now offer a series of fixed price options anywhere in the UK*:

*Some options also available overseas

These are standard prices for these workshops or services. The workshops can be modified and tailored to your particular requirement or audience, often at little or no extra cost. Initial commissioning and design conversations are included in the fee quoted.

Sarah is based in London: travel and accommodation costs as incurred to deliver the workshop will be charged in addition to the workshop fee, as will VAT.


Support available



Sample Appreciative Inquiry Titles

  • Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Organisational Change
  • Appreciative Inquiry for Coaching
  • Use Appreciative Inquiry to help people stay focused and positive during times of uncertainty
  • Appreciative Inquiry in Action (Includes case study)
  • An Appreciative Approach to Organisational Development
  • Appreciative Inquiry for Project Teams

Sample Leadership and Change Titles

  • Positive and Appreciative Leadership
  • Developing Flourishing Organisations
  • Leading Positive Change
  • Five Key Aspects of Positive Leadership
  • Moving Beyond Engagement
  • Creating Hope (includes case study)
  • Introduction to Emergent Organisational Change
  • How Attending to Staff Engagement Supports Change

Sample Positive Psychology, Wellbeing Titles

  • Helping People Thrive at Work
  • Feel Better at Work
  • Positive Psychology at Work - Top Lessons
  • Using Positive Psychology to Create High Performing Teams
  • Using Positive Psychology to Create Change
  • How To Use Positive Psychology To Help Organisations
  • The Secret Life of a Happy and Productive Workplace
  • Finding Opportunities for Applying Positive Psychology at Work Everyday
  • Using Positive Psychology to Help a Business Through Uncertainty (includes case study)


HALF DAY WORKSHOPS 1.5 to 4 hours - £900-£1200

Sample Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

  • Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
  • Appreciative Inquiry and change
  • Appreciative Inquiry and performance
  • Appreciative Inquiry and courageous conversations
  • Appreciative Inquiry and team development
  • Appreciative Inquiry and innovation
  • Appreciative Inquiry and leadership

Sample Leadership and Change Workshops

  • Positive Approaches to Organisational Change
  • Supporting Your Team through challenging times
  • Leading through change

Sample Positive Psychology Workshops

  • The Benefits of Flourishing for People and Organizations
  • How can Positive Psychology help with the challenge of downsizing
  • Strengths Based Coaching
  • Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Wellbeing through work
  • Using Positive Leadership to Create Positive Organisations



Sample Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

  • First Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry
  • How to do appreciative Inquiry
  • How to run a successful AI event
  • Appreciative Inquiry Workshop
  • Appreciative Inquiry Masterclass

Sample Leadership and Change Workshops

  • Positive Psychology of Organisational Change
  • How to achieve greater success and performance in your organization
  • Positive and Appreciative Leadership: what it is and how to do it
  • Leading through uncertainty

Sample Positive Psychology Workshops

  • A Positive Approach to Boosting Performance and Wellbeing
  • Positive Psychology – Key Lessons and How to Apply them
  • Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and the Happiness Advantage

"Can I commission a bespoke workshop from Sarah for my organisation/event?" - yes, we do this all the time, please contact us.  

Sarah Lewis - Leader in Appreciative Inquiry and positive psychology ways of working


So who is Sarah Lewis? She is the author of three influential books on these ways of working the newest of which, Positive Psychology And Change, was published on the 22nd April 2017.

In her own words

'I facilitate change and have done all my adult life, first as a social worker, then as a manager and for 20 years as a consultant. I facilitate change in people, teams and organizations. I do this through direct interventions, such as coaching, team or organisational development activity, and through education or knowledge sharing, such as through books, lectures and workshops. Helping people change their work-lives or organisations for the better is what I do.

I approach change as a psychological process. I draw specifically on appreciative, positive and strengths-based approaches as I consistently find them to produce excellent results and to be inspiring, engaging and productive for people involved.'

Career and experience

Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director of Appreciating Change and has been for over 20 years, after leaving a career in Social Services. She works as a consultant for International and UK clients, helping them with organisational change. She also hosts regular well-received public masterclasses in Britain and abroad and presents at international and British conferences on positive psychology.  

In her life outside of Appreciating Change Sarah has taught Organisational and Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London and at the University of East London and is currently a Lecturer on the International Masters in Applied Positive Psychology.

Sarah is also a member of leading professional bodies in the UK for consultant psychologists.



'HOW CAN WE DO APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY IN HOUSE' - Half day £1200, Full day £1749

A face-to-face meeting with Sarah to introduce, discuss and explore Appreciative Inquiry as an appropriate methodology and approach for your organization. Include your team members.    

Useful when:

  • You need an ‘expert voice’ to back up your proposal to internal commissioners
  • You want to use Appreciative Inquiry but lack experience and want to ‘road test’ your ideas before going ahead
  • You want a personalised and contextual introduction to Appreciative Inquiry for your whole team, as an informal discussion rather than as a training module



A one-hour session by phone or Skype to move thinking forward.

 Ask Sarah about things like:

  • How to apply positive psychology to a particular situation
  • A particular event design challenge
  • Advice and guidance on using a specific Appreciative Inquiry or positive psychology techniques
  • Informed exploration of a specific challenging work situations
  • Exploring how to ‘sell’ these approaches to your leaders or manager
I found our coaching session the other day extremely useful and put the ideas we developed into practice both in a project meeting and in a colleague meeting. I used AI as we discussed and it was magical. The results were unbelievable.
— Yildiray Karaarslan, Regional Director CAMENA, Oxford University Press


Series of 4 x 2 hour coaching sessions by phone or Skype £1,999

Series of 6 x 2 hour coaching sessions by phone or Skype £2,999

Useful for:

Skill development support in working in a positive and appreciative way

Career development support in developing leadership skills

Extended support in a particularly challenging situation

Extended support for managing change


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