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New: Positive Psychology And Change

How leadership, collaboration and appreciative inquiry create transformational results

Published April 2016

Positive Psychology and Change explores how areas of positive psychology such as strengths, flow, and psychological capital can be applied to the everyday challenges of leading a dynamic and adaptive work community, and how collaborative group approaches to transformational change can be combined with a positive mindset to maintain optimism and motivation in an unpredictable working environment. It articulates a unique vision for organizational leadership in the 21st century that combines positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), and collaborative group technologies. By focusing on four specific co-creative approaches (Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Cafe and SimuReal) and the ways in which they surpass traditional methods for organizational change this book explains the latest theory, research, and practice, and translates it into concrete, actionable ideas for meeting the day-to-day challenges of effective and adaptive leadership and management. Includes learning features such as boxed text, short case studies, stories, and cartoons


praise for positive psychology and change

This book is a doorway into generative, strengths-inspired and solutions-focused change. It gives leaders the gift of new eyes and teaches how humility might just be a leader s greatest strength. It brings the joy of high quality connections back into the field of organization development. And it reminds us that we can create conditions - the evidence base is there - to confirm our deepest conviction: that human beings are good. Read this wonderful book carefully. — David Cooperrider, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

We need to develop work organizations in which people thrive and find positive meaning in life rather than being impoverished and exhausted by organizational change. This book offers a profoundly important guide to how we can create such organizations, providing the theoretical rationale, evidence and practical steps necessary to achieve transformational change. Every manager and leader of every organization should not only read it but immediately put it into practice. — Michael West, Lancaster University Management School

Sarah Lewis is one of those rare management writers able to combine academic research with practical relevance. In Positive Psychology and Change she offers a fresh, evidence-based rethinking of how large group organizational change methods work and many practical suggestions for how to use them successfully. — Gervase R. Bushe, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University


Positive Psychology At Work


Positive Psychology At Work by Sarah Lewis
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Currently being used at Westminster Business School

Positive Psychology At Work brings the fields of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry together for the first time to provide leaders and change agents with a powerful new approach to achieving organizational excellence. It draws together positive psychology and appreciative inquiry in the context of leadership organizational challenges for the first time. It presents academically rigorous and referenced material in a jargon–free, accessible manner and is arranged with chapters focused on specific organizational challenges to allow readers to quickly find ideas relevant to their unique situation. It features short contributions from experienced practitioners of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, and includes case studies from the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.


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Amazon Reviews of Positive Psychology At Work

This book offers an inspiring and exciting way forward for work organizations. It shows how we can enhance organizational effectiveness through promoting the well–being and efficacy of the people who make up business organizations: the staff. Grounded in psychology and management research, the book offers leaders, practitioners and employees a clear agenda for creating positive and appreciative cultures that promote performance. — Mike West, Executive Dean and Professor of Psychology, Aston University, UK.

Positive Psychology at Work is a much needed book that lifts the lid on how a more appreciative, strengths–focused approach can transform organisations for the better. When organisations and their leaders focus on enhancing the best of what their people have to offer, they enable them to achieve the goals for which they strive, at the same time building the resilience they will need to cope with the changes and challenges of the modern world. I strongly recommend this book for organisational leaders and those who strive to support them. — Alex Linley, Founding Director, Capp, UK.

I should start by saying I don’t know Sarah you’ll know my glowing review is not tainted by association. This book really isn’t about Appreciative Inquiry...Instead, this book is a treasure trove of research and models on the practice of good management... This book is a serious review of useful research on positive organization behavior in the past ten years.  Because it’s written by a consultant, it looks at it from a very practical perspective and it’s written in an engaging, easy to follow manner that connects the dots in a way you seldom see.  I can’t think of another book I’ve read in the past decade that does such a good job of integrating a scholar’s concern for research grounded explanations with a consultant’s concern for ideas with leverage... 

She describes the research on “positive workplaces” and follows the evidence to explain why they result in higher productivity and financial returns.  She reviews how “engagement” actually influences organizational outcomes and what the research shows managers can actually do to influence that.... In her most innovative chapter she brings a variety of models together to look at how mangers can influence “positive sustainable growth”.

You are going to be happy you picked up and read this book...I intend to use it. —  Dr. Gervase R. Bushe, Professor of Leadership and Organisational Development, Beedie School of Business, Simon Frasier University, 2012. 


Praise for Positive Psychology At Work

Overall, I would recommend this book to postgraduate researchers, consultants and senior managers who are serious about wanting to invest the time to learn more about the use of positive psychology and appreciate inquiry to improve organisations. - The Psychologist, 1 October 2011.

I believe this book will quickly become a classic reference text. In just over 200 pages Lewis has produced a content rich, accessible work that readers will want to revisit regularly. And I’ve no doubt they will be pleasantly surprised at how much fresh information they glean each time they do. - People Management, April 2011.

For these reasons, Lewis’s timely and accessible book will be useful to business leaders and introductory audiences interested less in the science behind positive psychology and appreciative inquiry than in its ready application to the organizational setting. - PsycCRITIQUES , 11 July 2012.


Appreciative Inquiry For Change Management

With Jonathon Passmore and Stefan Cantore

Appreciative Inquiry For Change Management
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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is one of the most exciting and increasingly recognised concepts in facilitating organizational change. This book studies AI in depth, illustrating the method of asking particular questions and envisioning the future, encouraging staff to consider both the positive and negative systems in place and to recognise the need to implement change. It demonstrates how AI can be practically applied through positive psychology, understanding various perspectives and trialling tested approaches to create change through conversation. Case studies from organizations that have already integrated conversational methods into their change management practice show the value and effectiveness of the processes and how to promote, create and generate such conversations yourself. Written in jargon-free language, this is an excellent resource for you to discover the benefits that conversational techniques can bring to your organization and its performance. Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management explains the theory and practice of AI, World Cafe, Open Space and other conversational approaches for facilitating organizational development (OD).


Praise For Appreciative Inquiry For Change Management

I unequivocally recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn new ways of authentically engaging with others in business... be prepared to be challenged on fundamental assumptions that you may have about the nature of organizations, the problem-solving mindset, conversations and change itself. - Sherwood Fleming, Sherwood Fleming's Intercultural Communication Insights.

Amazon review for Appreciative Inquiry for change management

This book will change the way we talk, relate and think about change. The authors unpack the meaning and significance of Appreciative Inquiry and the positive revolution in 'conversation-based change', with powerful stories and brilliantly clear writing. It is a remarkable how-to book that perfectly blends theory, practice and life-empowering perspectives. A must read for anyone interested in leading with hope and optimism, and creating the future through the collaborative engagement of our highest human strengths. - David Cooperrider, PhD, Case Western Reserve University

This is a great book from which I've taken nuggets that will inform both my coaching and facilitation, and will be a great resource for those seeking to enable change in a positive way - Ian Pettigrew for HR Director

This is a great read for the novice AI practitioner as well as anyone interested in the power of positive change. It's more than a book on AI. It provides us with methods that are wholly relevant to today's multi-generational, inclusive and emergent world of work. - Iain Harrison, People Advisory Services, EY


Books by Appreciating Change Associates

Strength-Based Lean Six Sigma

Building Positive and Engaging Business Improvement

By David Shaked (Appreciating Change Associate Consultant)

Strength-based Lean Six Sigma combines the leading approaches to business improvement with those of organisational change. The book provides fresh ideas and tools to ensure that short-term achievements in process improvement become long-term benefits. Building on the energy and motivation released through a strength-based approach and the focus on excellence that Lean Six Sigma brings, the book builds up a knowledge and understanding of this unique approach which is an evolution of well-known business improvement approaches.

The book shows how to blend the principles and processes of Appreciative Inquiry with the rigour of Lean Six Sigma to influence innovation and sustainable results in organisations.


Why i recommend david's book...

In this innovative book David has taken two approaches to organisational change, Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry, that at first sight appear fundamentally opposed, and has shown how they can be brought together to create an approach to organisational improvement that has the strengths of both. 

Clearly written, this book provides examples of strengths based LEAN Six Sigma at work, giving great insight into what happens when you bring both these approaches into the room together.

Highly recommended for adherents of either discipline who want to extend their practice.

Praise for strengths-based lean six sigma

This book is the first on integrating Lean Six Sigma and Appreciative Inquiry.  David does a masterful job blending the principles and processes of Appreciative Inquiry with the rigor of Lean Six Sigma to influence innovation and sustainable results in organizations! The book represents a insightful contribution to both disciplines -Jacqueline M. Stavros, Author, 'The Thin Book of SOAR: Building Strengths-based Strategy'Professor and Director of DBA Program, Lawrence Technological University.


Amazon Reviews

David Shaked’s book is a great starter manual for anybody wishing to merge lean process improvement techniques with positive organizational development methods. I believe both of these communities of practice have a lot to learn from each other, but merging the two has been impeded by the many possible “positive” approaches. David’s book focuses on the positive approach known as “Appreciative Inquiry” which is more systematic than many alternatives, and this focus greatly helps the merger. I would recommend this book to anybody in either lean practice or organizational development. In addition to learning concrete steps you can take with companies, you will also find yourself brainstorming in an open-minded fashion about the true nature of lean and positive, and how they co-mingle in organizations. - Bill Lovejoy, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan,

David Shaked provides an abundance of valuable information, insights, and counsel that will help almost anyone build positive and engaging business improvement...I commend David Shaked for providing just about all the information, insights, and counsel almost anyone needs to build positive and engaging business improvement. - Robert Morris, top 500 reviewer,