Sarah's review of 'Holacracy: The Revolutionary Management System That Abolishes Hierarchy' is in the latest AI Practitioner

You can download this copy of AI Practitioner for free (until the next issue is out), where Sarah's review is included in the section 'Nourish To Flourish', here.

Using Positive Psychology Every Day

Presentation at the International Congress of Positive Psychology


This highly interactive workshop was focused on helping people understand how they could use positive psychology everyday in existing activities. In the session she identified opportunities for intervention such as: coaching, performance appraisal, meetings, exit interviews, project groups, strategy development, changes processes, team briefing, recruitment, surveys (customers, staff), customer interactions, commissioning and contracting, cost cutting and redundancies, restructuring.

Creating Hope in a Hopeless Situation

World Appreciative Inquiry Conference


In the summer of 2015 Sarah presented a workshop at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference. Hot from seeing David Cooperrider at the World Positive Psychology Congress in Orlando, she started by introducing his positive power equation

The experience of elevation =

Willpower + waypower + wholepower

divided by

Experience of Deficit

Sarah's presentation to the Institut Français d'Appreciative Inquiry - In French!

Sarah's presentation to the Institut Français d'Appreciative Inquiry - In French!

En Français? Oui!

Sarah Lewis, MD and Principal Psychologist here at Appreciating Change, gave a presentation to the Institut Français d'Appreciative Inquiry in Paris last week on 'The Art Of The Possible', highlighting the problems with planned change events in uncertain times (that they are out of date as soon as written, scuppered by events, insufficiently motivating, energising, don’t make sense on the ground, and don't take effect fast enough) and the difference between this approach and the positive psychology/Appreciative Inquiry approach. 

Appreciative Inquiry for Performance Management Free Webinar

Friday 27th March 2015 Sarah Lewis will be presenting a webinar in partnership with Octopus HR focussed on how AI can help with performance management processes and challenges.

We hope that by participating you will get the chance to

Understand (or refresh your understanding of) the basic model of Appreciative inquiry

Refresh awareness of key workplace factors that affect performance at work

Build on this through an understanding of the abundance bridge, the role of strengths, positivity and organisational culture in creating performance at work

Some practical ideas about how to apply this perspective and understanding in the performance management process and the workplace in general

To participate by posting questions during the webinar

Hope to see you there! 


New Email Addresses

As part of the upgrade to our new all-singing all-dancing website we now have new email address at Appreciating Change. If you want to contact Sarah, Jem or anyone else here please use their full name followed by ''. For Sarah for example the email address is now 

Don't worry - the old email addresses will be working during the transition and we will be contacting all our old friends and colleges to advise them of the switch through many different channels, but update your contacts now!

Australia Trip Great Success

In November 2014 Sarah spent a month in Australia delivering workshops (and having a fantastic holiday!). The jewel in the crown was Appreciating Change's 4 day 'Creating Positive Organisations' workshop delivered in Sydney. She also worked with the University of Sydney, the Professional Association of Social Workers, Pfizer and the Tasmanian Training Consortium. Over 150 people attended these workshops. All were very well received and highly rated by participants. We are collating the feedback in more detail and will post it here soon. Our grateful thanks to our many Australian colleagues who made it possible.

Sarah will be returning in 2016 or 2017. If your organisation would like to benefit from the next visit, please visit this dedicated page to sign up