What does changing an organisation really mean? Why is it important?

Most organization's biggest challenge is adapting to the speed of change. Established change management practices just aren’t fast or flexible enough. They take too long to plan, they take too long to implement, they fail to motivate staff and they take too much organisational energy to drive through.

Fortunately, we have another approach to change.

We have been working with alternative approaches to organisational change since 1993. We understand organizations to be made up of people. People who are capable of engaging with challenges, working together, using their imagination, trying things out, motivating each other and surprising themselves.

Resistance To Change

When we work with organizations in this way we find the problems of resistance to change and the need to get buy-in pretty much solve themselves. Indeed the problem can become how to manage the organisational energy for change that the processes release!

Our approach is developed from our extended experience with people in organizations, from our engagement with leadership teams, from our qualifications in human and organisational psychology and from our particular study of modern co-creative emergent strengths based change theory.


Sarah says

‘I believe that my combination of a broad social science background; social work practice; specialism in social constructionist change approaches to people, systems and change, 23 years experience as a consultant/OD/facilitator psychologist, plus my professional credentials as a psychologist, my positive psychology and strengths based practice experience, my authorship of two well respected specialist books, and my sense of humour, combine to create a particular approach to, and skill with, working with groups and people that has on more than one occasion been described as ‘magic’ in its effectiveness in achieving or creating change.’



"Sarah created a great atmosphere ini the working groups that enabled a frank but positive workgroup that had some tricky problems to overcome. With Sarah's help we were able to work our way through the 'fog' to create a clear vision and set of programme objectives in a difficult business transformation exercise." - Paul Baigent, Interim Manager (Procurement), Aliaxis. Now at Malpas Executive.

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