"Sarah is up there as one of the most engaging speakers on the HR/L&D circuit – she always does a great job of communicating in a straightforward and practical way, even when the issues are complex.  Highly recommended – Sarah motivates practical action and you leave her sessions feeling as though you can make a difference." - Paul Brewerton, Managing Director, Strengths Partnership


Sarah is a knowledgeable, engaging and lively speaker. She has the ability to establish a quick rapport with an audience with her friendly, welcoming style.

Sarah encourages active engagement, involving the audience in the conversation through short exercises and direct interaction. The hour long lecture with PowerPoint just isn't enough any more - get a speaker who engages and responds to her audience!

She doesn’t do magic tricks, she hasn’t broken any Olympic records and she hasn’t endured incredible hardship (although she has been married for an awfully long time!) Instead she’s worked with many different organizations and their leaders for over 20 years on problems of production, engagement, performance and most particularly, organizational change. She has stories to tell of what works and what doesn’t. She knows what sounds good in theory and what works in practice. She can help you avoid mistakes and short cut to effective change.

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Career and experience

Sarah is the Founder and Managing Director of Appreciating Change and has been for over 20 years, after leaving a career in social services. She works as a consultant for International and UK clients, helping them with organisational change. She also hosts regular well-received public masterclasses in Britain and abroad and presents at international and British conferences on positive psychology.  

In her life outside of Appreciating Change Sarah has taught Organisational and Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London and at the University of East London.

Sarah is also a member of leading professional bodies in the UK for consultant psychologists.


Don’t just take our word for it

Watch our videos to get a sense of Sarah in action

Apologies for the quality of this recording but it gives you an idea of Sarah's presenting style

This is a very pared-down version of a talk she gave at Liverpool Hope University to prospective and actual entrepreneurs. Starting a successful business from scratch involves getting the best from very limited resources, including a small number of staff. Sarah helps them with this by giving them some insight into what they could do to be positive and appreciative leaders of organisations.

One of the short videos from our YouTube Channel, this gives you an idea of the clarity and passion Sarah brings to talking about change and organisations.

People are often disappointed when organisational change doesn't happen immediately - 'we had the meeting, we paid the consultant, why isn't everything different?'. The truth is, change happens gradually and needs nurturing.

Read Sarah’s books to get a sense of her style and knowledge

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Recent Speaking Engagements

  • The World Appreciative Inquiry Conference - 2015 and previously in 2013
  • The World Positive Psychology Conference - 2015
  • The British Psychological Society Annual Conference - 2016 and many previous years
  • The Association of Business Psychologists Annual Conference - 2015 and many previous years
  • Publisher's Internal International Sales Conference - 2015

Guide Fees

We charge between £1,000 and £1,500 for Sarah to speak at your event, depending on the length of the presentation and the time of year. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.