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Inspire Action Cards - Langley Group


Inspire Action Cards - Langley Group


Langley Group - Inspire Action Cards

As well as being playing cards, this pack of 56 cards uses inspirational quotations and suggestions on one side and imagery on the reverse to help inspire you and boost your levels of flourishing. 

See the Langley Group's own description below for more information

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In their own words - Description of their product by the Langley Group: 

Our Inspire Action cards are wonderful for enhancing your levels of flourishing - they are, as the name implies, inspirational. Each of the 56 cards have a different picture on one side to be linked to emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication and feedback.

The other side has the standard playing cards - the red ones have inspirational quotes and the black ones are all actions to do with emotional intelligence and positive psychology. The cards come in plastic box and suggested uses for facilitators, individuals and children.