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Positive Organisational Development Cards - Appreciating Change


Positive Organisational Development Cards - Appreciating Change


Our Positive Organizational Development Cards offer an engaging and playful way of introducing exciting positive development ideas to individuals, teams and organizations.

For examples and ideas for how these cards can be used and the value they bring to workshops, coaching sessions and more have a look at their user guide

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"A great product to initiate real time conversation in a group environment"

"The cards are a playful way of introducing positive psychology concepts into a team. It gives real world scenarios and an opportunity to learn about new approaches to deal with these. It was fun, non-threatening and insightful to play"

- Some of our satisfied customers

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Positive Organisational Development Cards

The twenty action cards in the pack help leaders and managers understand and implement the key exciting new ideas coming through from the field of positive psychology. Covering the core topics such as strengths, positive emotions, engagement and flourishing, they also introduce less well known yet equally powerful ideas such as positive energy networks, the abundance bridge and psychological capital. To learn more about how them and how to use them visit these blog pages

Each card introduces the idea with a few well-chosen words and a memorable strapline. On the reverse side are carefully composed questions to stimulate discussion and selected pointers for action. These are some of the recommendations we have received

Sarah Lewis has produced an excellent tool to help facilitators and managers use elements of positive psychology and Appreciative Inquiry in addressing workplace issues.
Used singly or as a pack, I can see these cards being useful in introducing ideas and stimulating discussion in change processes, especially following the application ideas included in the pack.
— Geof Cox International Management and Organisational Development Consultant
Sarah Lewis’ Positive Organizational Development Cards are a practical continuation of her view of the application of Positive Psychology in every work environment. They are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to integrate into everyday situations at work. Undoubtedly, these cards will be of great use to Organisational Development professionals
— Charles Martin-Krumm Conference Organiser at University of Bretagne Occidentale and associated with the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology
Each positive OD card describes a research proven relationship between some quality or action and positive organizational outcomes, and then offers interesting questions for discussion and suggestions for actions to create those outcomes. Thoughtful managers, educators and consultants will find many uses for them.
— Gervase Bushe, Simon Fraser University Canada

These cards are perfect for management and leadership development, strategy development, executive coaching, performance or quality reviews and team development.

Using these cards with teams or individuals introduces new ideas, stimulates discussion, encourages creative thinking and moves the conversation in new and unexpected directions.

As well as the twenty action cards two others give information about the cards and ideas on ways to use them.