Positive Psychology and Change: Evidence Based Practice

We now have enough theory, research and practice from work in Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology to know how and why these interventions work. We can also work out how to combine them to create robust, effective approaches to change that are suitable for organizations grappling with the challenges of the twenty first century.


Why it works

Research in positive psychology over the last 15 years and earlier has given us a robust set of data about what flourishing organizations, organizational practices and people look like and how to create them.


How to do it

Appreciative Inquiry has extended its methodology from the original 5D summit model to include the SOAR approach to strategic development, Appreciative coaching, positive performance processes and many more appreciative practices to tell us how to do it.

In addition other co-creative methodologies such as Open Space, World Café and SimuReal offer clear processes for applying positive psychology to organisational change challenges


How it works

An increasing awareness of the psychology of group and human behaviour, and the influencing factors on that behaviour means that we know that these co-creative methods work through psychological processes such as the creation of new narratives and the reconfiguring of patterns of relationship. The influence on behaviour of dynamics such as imagination, metaphor, and identity are positively affected by positively applied co-creative change approaches.


What you get

From the application of science through the co-creative processes influencing group dynamics what you get is higher-level organisational transformation. Change at the level of highly energised shared aspiration, shared hope, keen interdependency understanding, community level thinking, energy-less synchronicity, and future oriented action. Such transformation pulls people over obstacles and set backs towards a better future.

Appreciating Change specialises in helping organizations achieve positive, rapid and sustainable change.


Other Resources

Sarah’s new book Positive Psychology and Change explains all this and more. Available now from Amazon and Wiley-Blackwell.

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