Eight High-Value Ways To Access Our Expertise

1. Use Our Learning and Development Activity Support Card Packs

Over the past year we have assembled a range of card packs to support development activities from coaching to strategy development. In particular we have our own Positive Organisational Development Cards that condense the wisdom of positive psychology into questions and action suggestions across twenty themes, from leadership to positive emotions. We also have a selection of Strengths Cards suitable for groups across the organisation. And we have a range of other cards to enable work with Values, Behaviour, Expertise and Emotional Intelligence. While many have free downloadable pdf guides, all are highly versatile, easily portable and great value!

We are very proud to be the sole European distributor for this excellent learning and development tool. Packed with practical ways to apply positive psychology to work place challenges, the game format encourages valuable in-depth discussion of the different ideas, approaches and options. The challenge cards outline common workplace situations, while the answer cards offer a wide range of behavioural tips to encourage greater happiness or wellbeing, reduce stress levels, improve performance and strengthen their relationships. A wonderful feature of the game is that some of the answer cards suggest that you ‘do it now’, allowing participants to experience the power of the suggested activity in the moment. This in turn facilitates deeper connection and learning in the group. Save yourself the cost of a facilitator and self-facilitate yourself a great team development session.

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3. Prepare With Our Practical E-books

We are developing a range of practical e-books to support first line managers with some of the early challenges of management. In PDF format they are instantly downloadable, offering instant help! Each book contains easy to follow guidance and words of advice. In addition practical pull-out planning tools are included to support preparation, and to ensure that purpose and success criteria are clarified before the event. These can be photocopied and used again and again. So far we have one on Courageous Conversations and another on Great Meetings with more under development. Less than the price of a meal out, they allow you to save on training costs and encourage self-directed learning. Let us know about any other topics you think would be valuable.

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4. Pick our Brains

We recognize that sometime you just want to ask the expert a few questions about something you are planning to do or something that is bothering you. You don’t necessarily want to engage a permanent coach, you just want to spend up to an hour of your time getting high quality advice quickly. Our ‘pick our brains’ service is designed precisely to meet this need. Save yourself time and money by speaking to us directly.

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5. Buy An ‘Off the Shelf’ Learning And Development Session

If you have the facilitation and training skills but just aren’t familiar with a particular topic area than this off the shelf session is for you. At present we offer The Complete Positive Strategic and Leadership Development Kit, The Complete Positive Team Development Kit, The Complete Positive and Appreciative Coaching Kit and The Complete Leadership Team Culture Kit, with more under development. We supply facilitator notes and any of our tools that you need for the session plus a useful carrier, pen and notebook.  Once you have the kit you can use it again and again, saving the cost of an external facilitator every time.

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6. Read Our Books

Sarah has written two books that distil her knowledge and experience of working with organizations. Positive Psychology at Work gives practical advice about leadership, performance, workplace culture, and team development for example. While Positive Psychology and Change is focused on large scale organisational change, offering practical advice on applying positive psychology to the challenge and introducing dialogue methodologies such as Open Space, Simu-Real and Appreciative Inquiry. In addition Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management is targeted at both those new to Appreciative Inquiry and more experienced practitioners, to extend their practice. Gain access to Sarah’s extensive experience at a fraction of the price of having her come in!

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7. Watch Our Videos

These are a completely free resource. Only a few minutes long they take short topics and explain them in plain English. For example we have videos addressing How to Work with Skeptics, Planning in Uncertain Times, and Why You Should Ask Appreciative Questions.

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8. Commission a Webinar

This can run in real time or be sent pre-recorded. It can be the whole session or part of a session. It can be a presentation or it can include questions and answers. Or we can organise a google-plus hangout. And we are willing to engage with any other favourite technology of yours to facilitate our ‘presence at a distance’ in your training session. Have Sarah or any of our other experts be part of your session at a fraction of the price of flying her in!

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And of course, if you would like us to come to you to help with your change process, or to run an in-house training or development session, we would be delighted to help!


Sarah Lewis is the owner and principal psychologist of Appreciating Change. She is author of ‘Positive Psychology at Work’ and ‘Positive Psychology for Change’ both published by Wiley. She is also the lead author of Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management, by Kogan Page, the second edition is out in September.

Other Resources

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