Benefits of being part of the next EU AI get together in Greenwich, London, October 2016

I’m thrilled to announce that I am one of the organising group for the next EU AI network get together to be held in my home town of Greenwich in London on 19th-21st of October.

The Network of practitioners from across Europe gets together twice a year to share experiences, knowledge and skills and to offer mutual support on work and life. The get together is held in the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry, which creates a unique atmosphere and experience. At this event we are hoping to attract positive psychology practitioners as well, to enhance the mix!


Some of the particular benefits of attending this event will include:

  • The opportunity to spend time learning through focused dialogue with many experienced practitioners (rather than time in lectures)
  • Plenty of purposeful networking time allowing for structured yet highly relaxed interaction with experienced practitioners from all over Europe, through engagement in focused trips and visits
  • An invitation to you to regenerate, to flourish and to connect in ways meaningful in your own context as we work with our themes of Regeneration, Flourishing and Connecting
  • The opportunity to access a wealth of experience of, and skill in, applying Appreciative Inquiry (and Positive Psychology we hope) in different contexts and countries through interaction with an established community of Peers
  • An opportunity to experience the exciting and creative coaching and learning process of the Meta-Saga, developed by one of our founder members
  • An opportunity to experience the Open Space methodology, our core meeting process
  • And, we really hope, the opportunity to be part of a joint event of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology Practitioners, linking the two fields and facilitating learning from each other


For more information on the whole event, including confirmation of the venue and prices when available, go here and click on Greenwich 2016.

Or to register interest immediately click here, and we’ll keep you informed!