The quality of leadership is key to effective organizations. The behaviour of leaders has a huge influence on organizational culture, engagement and performance. Today’s fast paced world demands adaptable, authentic leadership.

The actions of leaders speak louder than any of their words and every action must count. We can help your leadership team utilize all its resources to offer strategic direction, grow and develop others, and promote employee engagement and a positive organisational culture. We can help make it strong and compassionate, flexible and firm minded, diverse and effective. 

Leadership is a relational activity: Authentic leaders create authentic followers.
— Sarah Lewis; Founder and MD of Appreciating Change
I found the hour we had brilliant and has helped with my focus, perspective and direction. I came away feeling very positive about things and provoked a lot of thought even after the meeting. I appreciate the techniques and nuggets of wisdom you shared with me and will look forward to trying these out.
— Gemma Goodlad; HR Advisor Vector Areospace UK - on leadership coaching session
I found our coaching session the other day extremely useful and put the ideas we developed into practice both in a project meeting and in a colleague meeting. I used Appreciative Inquiry as we discussed and it was magical. The results were unbelievable.
— Yildiray Karaarslan, Regional Director CAMENA, Oxford University Press - on leadership coaching session

How do you improve leadership?


Top Team Development

The way the top team works  together (or doesn’t) sets the tone for the rest of the organization. Disunited leadership is reflected in a fragmented and warring organization. Ineffectual leadership creates confusion and wasted effort; while over-controlling leadership stifles creativity. Top teams need to work together to create the strategic level synergy and direction that only they can provide. All easier said than done: we help with the doing. We work with you to design events and processes that create commonality of understanding, direction and purpose. We help make the whole more than the sum of the parts. 

Leadership Skills Training

The verdict is in: leadership can be taught. To become effective as leaders people need leadership experiences, progressive challenges; and feedback. They need to develop a level of self-awareness, particularly of their effect on others. They need to know how to get the best out of others (no easy skill). They need to know how they are similar and, more importantly, different from others. They need to recognize their unique peak strengths and be aware of their weaknesses. We can’t change core personalities, but we can help people become the best leader they can be. 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership can be a lonely position at times. Leaders can find themselves burdened with information they can’t share, beset by worries they can’t confide and uncertain of what action to take. Without good support even the most experienced leader can become ineffectual.

Leaders need a thought partner, a sounding board outside the organizational network and separate from their families and friends where they can speak with an openness and honesty not possible elsewhere, to explore, reflect and make good decisions. We can provide that. 

Want to see what techniques we use to bring about effective Organisational Change and improve your organisation's Leadership, Culture and level of employee Engagement? Have a look at the Positive Techniques And Tools We Use.