The Problem: 'That's not my problem'

With large organizations divided into functions, geographically spread and linked by processes that take time to run from beginning to end, it is very easy for them to become a series of isolated functional silos that don’t really understand how they connect to the whole. Trying to get people from one department to adapt their behaviour to the benefit of another department is a perennial problem. Simureal can help with that.


The Solution: Simureal

By recreating the whole business process in one room, and speeding up time so that the activity of months can be observed in a day, this technique allows people to see how their behaviour affects other parts of the organisation and the outcome as a whole. This is a really effective way of encouraging co-operation across the organisation, not just within departments. Simureal brings the whole process together in one space to bring into sharp focus the departmental interconnections and inter-dependencies so the organization can adapt and grow.

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Simureal brings the interdependencies and interconnections into sharp focus. It helps the organization become visible to itself.
— Sarah Lewis, Founder and MD of Appreciating Change
Simureal is great for facilitating genuine organisational learning.
— Sarah Lewis, Founder and MD of Appreciating Change

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